Youthful Savings, Children’s Aid NYC and CUNY Work Together to Inspire Socioeconomic Empowerment to NYC’s Youth through the Summer Youth Employment Program

"We are excited to collaborate with Youthful Savings, as the mission of YS includes a focus on the social mobility of students, which is in direct alignment with CSI’s values.”

— Alexander Scott

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2022 / — Youthful Savings (YS) has partnered with Children’s Aid NYC and CUNY to organize a summer program that inspires youth to create a more inclusive economy. Youth will learn how to start a business, take care of their mental health, and build community. YS has been working with Children’s Aid since 2020 and every year, YS further refines the program in order to increase youth engagement and impact.


Youth partake in The My Own Business Challenge – a course on The Learning Marketplace – while also taking guided self-paced learning that enhances comprehension in financial acumen, Bitcoin/Blockchain education, and how best to increase mental health so youth can become the best generation yet. Graduates of this unique program can become online vendors on the Youthful Savings Marketplace.


In 2021, YS was a participant within the CSI Tech Incubator at the College of Staten Island/CUNY. A shared mission of empowering the youth led to YS working with the College’s Enrollment Office to incorporate college readiness into the summer program with Children’s Aid.


Youthful Savings’ CEO and founder Somya Munjal had this to say when asked about the importance of youth participating in this initiative, “We have been working with Children’s Aid since 2020. We like to innovate our program every year to include more socioeconomic opportunities. This year, we are excited to bring on CUNY College of Staten Island as guest speakers. Getting youth to dream for the future and having the resources necessary to thrive is what Youthful Savings is all about. We are grateful for any collaboration that yields success for the youth. The better the youth, the better the world!”


Youthful Savings is dedicated to creating impactful partnerships that lead to socioeconomic development for youth across the world. Bringing in higher learning partnerships is the next step in creating economic mobility to the world’s youth.


“We are excited to collaborate with Youthful Savings, as the mission of YS includes a focus on the social mobility of students, which is in direct alignment with CSI’s values. Rated as a top performer by the CNET Social Mobility Index, CSI is proud to support additional avenues to increase socioeconomic empowerment and individual achievement,” says Alexander Scott, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management at CSI CUNY.


Those who take part in the program receive a stipend from the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program and are encouraged to use those funds to invest in themselves by creating businesses that yield to more economic empowerment. Together, the youth are creating a stronger and more inclusive economy.


About Youthful Savings:


YS is a learning ecosystem dedicated to socioeconomic empowerment through mental wellbeing, economic empowerment, and community development. Youthful Savings provides youth with online education through The Learning Marketplace and a platform to create global online businesses via Youthful Savings Marketplace. Through Youthful Savings, youth have the ability to create a more inclusive global economy. For more information, visit

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