Youthful Savings and Corporate Partners Expand a Social Responsibility Fund to Bridge Gaps in Public School Education.

"Virtual-Q is dedicated to education and social equity. We are delighted to expand the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund by Youthful Savings.”

— Victor Quinones, CEO and Founder of Virtual-Q

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 3, 2023 / — Youthful Savings (YS) and Virtual-Q have stepped up to create a million-dollar Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (CSRF) which works on bridging the gap in education. This fund will support workforce development and teach real-world skills in public and charter schools across America. With the fund being supported by corporations across the nation, youth can access education that nurtures their interest in learning and entering the workforce with the skills they need to thrive in the real world.

New World High School and Santa Monica High School are two educational institutions that have benefited from the CSRF in 2022. Youth in these schools have access to education on real-world skills like entrepreneurship, Web 3.0, and financial education through subscriptions to The Learning Marketplace (TLM). Youth from New World High School and Santa Monica High School have utilized this learning platform to supplement their traditional education in preparation for entering the workforce.

Corporations and organizations greatly benefit from youth who receive real-world education as their continued interest in learning will further motivate them to pursue higher education and skills training. With higher education, youth will look forward to entering the workforce as the opportunity to develop their own skills and gain new ones will be a driving force in wanting to continue to work and learn.

“Virtual-Q is dedicated to education and social equity. We are delighted to expand the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund by Youthful Savings. By providing necessary real-world education to youth across America and beyond, we can ensure that our youth continue to be the most innovative and educated youth for generations to come.” says Victor Quinones, CEO and Founder of Virtual-Q.

Supplementing education in American public schools with the CSRF and learning exercises from TLM will positively impact youth and future generations. When budgets don’t allow paying for subscriptions to TLM, the new CSRF will subsidize the cost of youth subscriptions. As statistics show that there are an increasing number of students who do not pursue higher education or higher skills training, the CSRF aims to change that. A major part of not pursuing or completing college comes from both a lack of curiosity and the unwillingness to learn more. By introducing new and innovative ways to learn, YS is rising to the challenge of engaging youth and developing an equitable and socially responsible community.

The CSRF is an important part of promoting curiosity and learning amongst the youth in our school systems. As more corporations join in to support the youth and their education, more youth will be inclined to enroll in college, graduate and enter the workforce. Promoting curiosity, learning, social responsibility and equity will be key to ensuring the next generation of world citizens are prepared and ready to join the workforce.

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