Youthful Savings and Brave Generation Academy will host “Youth Entrepreneurship for a More Inclusive Global Economy,” a custom 6-week educational program.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our young learners an entrepreneurial experience as it's a vital skill for today's world which often gets forgotten in traditional curriculums.”

- Tim Vieira, Founder of Brave Generation Academy

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 19, 2023 / — Youthful Savings (YS) and Brave Generation Academy (BGA) are partnering to launch their next educational program, “Youth Entrepreneurship for a More Inclusive Global Economy.” Participants will be uniquely able to develop and increase their entrepreneurial and workforce development skills in business, finance, and technology.

BGA, an international network of non-traditional schools, is based in Portugal and serves over 1000 students in 53 hubs worldwide. Together with BGA, YS will implement its socioeconomic empowerment EdTech, The Learning Marketplace (TLM). TLM’s learning platform offers innovative, self-paced learning exercises, instructor-led Live Experiences, and learning exercises on finance, college planning, entrepreneurship, technology, personal development, and other relevant real-world skills. Youth will learn essential workforce development skills, including transferable business, communication, technology, and finance skills.

From February 1st to March 14th, this customized program will offer a comprehensive selection of learning exercises, including the award-winning “My Own Business Challenge.” The “Youth Entrepreneurship for a More Inclusive Global Economy” program enables youth to get involved in the economy at a young age and become the next generation of world citizens and business owners. An essential part of this program is that all participants will receive a prepaid card, where they will receive capital throughout the program, which they can use to start their businesses.

All graduates of this program can become real entrepreneurs by joining the Youthful Savings Marketplace (YSM) and receive continuous business investment through the YS’s Community Investment Fund (CIF). As youth buy and sell to each other on YSM, they contribute 10% of their earnings to the CIF. YS is committed to the concept of kind capitalism through bottom-up economics and believes that the next generation of world citizens can recreate the world economy to be fairer and more inclusive.

By partnering with BGA, it will be possible to expand its community of youth entrepreneurs further in Portugal, thus contributing to the growth, development, and success of YS’ ecosystem. The involvement of young people in economic development will allow them to increase the local GDP, provide tax revenue back to cities, and interact with youth from around the world who are also online vendors on YSM. With the opening of a physical store in Santa Monica, California, youth from Cascais can export and sell their products.

Combining YS’s technological innovation with BGA’s inclusive and dynamic environment, youth participating in the program can join HireYouth.AI. The participants who complete the technology track and obtain the necessary badges in communication, business, and finance skills can be eligible for an internship, providing them with real-world work experience that will empower and prepare them for their journey toward becoming the next generation of world citizens and contributors to the global economy!

The commitment to accessible and inclusive education is essential to YS and BGA. The Youthful Savings Foundation will offer scholarships towards the enrollment fee if a young person cannot participate due to financial difficulties. In this way, embracing all youth will make the change to a more friendly and fair economy easier through equal opportunities!

YS is proud to partner with BGA by sharing its goals and values: using innovative education and technology to prepare youth for the working world. As the “Youth Entrepreneurship for a More Inclusive Economy” program commences, YS and BGA continue with their shared goal of bringing innovative education to youth worldwide.

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